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Who Am I?

This is the very first question  which will come in your mind, if you don’t know me directly or viewing this website for the first time.

I am an Engineer turned Digital Marketer. Don’t be Shocked… Yes people like us do exist 🙂

The journey begins from year 2007, my first year in NED university of Engineering and Technology in Electronic Engineering Department.

Extra classes, Vivas, Sessionals, Projects, Semesters, Exams, these are the words which are enough to define my 4 years in BE.

Then year 2011 comes, i became graduate as Electronic Engineer from Pakistan’s top Class Engineering University…

But the struggle doesn’t stops here, infact it was a start by entering into world of reality..Despite of countless interviews, i got no full time job till 1.5 years.

One day, i was returning back from Clifton after giving an interview. At Signal of 3 Talwar Karachi, a Shemale came and asked for some money.

I was so much lost in my thoughts that i forgot to even respond. She/he just looked at my face and raise hands for prayers for me. It was really an unexpected moment for me..

I came home, and the same week , i got interviewed in world’s second largest B2B portal Tradekey. Luckily, after a series of interviews held in a single day, i got hired as Intern in Tradekey.

I learned alot at that place. Its still one of my life’s best workplace experiences. I had a paradigm shift as well over there with the help of few good friends over there.

I worked there around 1.5 years and then moved to Right Click, a small size software company as SEO Team Lead. Unfortunately, due to uncertainty i decided to move forward after few months..

This was the month of Ramzan, i was waiting for the bus at Stop. My Friend as well as x colleague met me on the way to home. He told me about the suitable vacancy which i was desiring at that time .

Next day, i applied for the job. Luckily, i got an interview call right after 10 minutes of applying.  I went there and got hired on the same day as PHP Community Manager at Gaditek.

Wait! I forgot to told you that i also took admission in Masters in NED University during last days of my Tradekey job.

In Gaditek tenure, i persuaded my masters classes along with a tough work schedule. Then a day came when i realized i am misfit in this culture. I had my own priorities. These priorities were quite intersecting with the company culture.

Then one day, i went to career expo with my friend as well as colleague who was an SEO in my current company . I applied there at Nanosoft Cabin and luckily got an interview call.

Within few days, i got hired as Senior Community Manager in Nanosoft. Till now, i am working here. Its a company having multiple products and services  related to Saas industry and cloud computing services.

I love this place due to family environment and i treat it as my second home. My colleagues and friends are God gifts for me.I really appreciate and respect them.

About This Blog:

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