February 16, 2022

Top 5 Python Libraries Data Scientists Should Learn in 2022

As of right now, Python is the most commonly used programming language. Python is famous for solving data science problems. Make daily use of Python programming. […]
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May 2, 2019

Want Your Startup To Accelerate This Year? Follow These Top 8 Growth Hackers on Twitter

Featured - AtifShahab
Growth hacking is a very popular terminology among digital marketers. Growth hacking has many definitions. As the name shows it’s about hackers the growth. Normally, it […]
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February 9, 2019

How To Satisfy All Stakeholders As a Project Manager (Community Viewpoint)

Featured - Atif Shahab
Stakeholders management is one of the most important chapters in PmBok. You have been reading a lot of articles about stakeholders management. I decided to bring […]
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February 4, 2019

16 Best Online Courses For Learning Data Science

Titile - Aytf shahab
Data Science is one of the emerging fields of time. In the last article about data science, I discussed key concepts like who is a data scientist? Key […]
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November 10, 2018

How To Run Sales Oriented Black Friday & Cyber Monday Campaigns in 2018

Black Friday | Atif Shahab
Why You Should Read This Article This post is actually my first article under Growth Marketing Category on my blog. In this post, you are going to […]
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October 31, 2018

A Basic Guide to Project Management Key Concepts

project management guide
Project Management is a very challenging yet interesting field. In this article, you will read about basic concepts of project management and answers to some queries […]
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October 12, 2018

What Is Data Science? Who Can Become A Data Scientist?

data scientist
Definition of Data science: Data science is actually a field of algorithms, tools, principles of machine learning which help in identifying hidden patterns. Data science is […]
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